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Client Address (src)

If you want to restrict/Allow the internet access to a specific host you can use the following directives. If your Network is, Then you have to include the below directives in the squid.conf file,
acl aclname src ip-address[/netmask]
acl aclname src addr1-addr2/netmask
acl aclname src hostname


acl net src
acl net src
acl net src

Proxy IP Address (myip)

This will be used to block the IP address of the Squid server where the client connected.

acl aclname myip ip-address[/netmask]
acl aclname myip addr1-addr2/netmask
acl aclname myip hostname


acl dialup_ip

Web Server Address (dst)

This will be used to block the IP address of the destination server.

acl aclname dst ip-address[/netmask]
acl aclname dst addr1-addr2/netmask
acl aclname dst hostname


acl TEC dst

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