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In Ubuntu; Hitting CTRL-ALT-DELETE on most Linux distributions will start the soft reboot process. Ubuntu: This operation is controlled via a special file located at /etc/event.d/control-alt-delete directory. Simply open this file using a text editor: sudo vi /etc/event.d/control-alt-delete OR sudo gedit /etc/event.d/control-alt-delete Find line that read as follows: exec /sbin/shutdown Continue Reading


/etc/shadow file stores actual password in encrypted format for user’s account with additional properties related to user password /etc/shadow File techwithguru: $2gsdhghj2&ghj$kjh9&njsdj:15106:0:99999:7::: User name : It is your login name Password: It your encrypted password. The password should be minimum 6-8 characters long including special characters/digits Last password change (lastchanged): Days Continue Reading