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There are numerous ACL types: Source/Destination IP address Source/Destination Domain Regular Expression match of the requested domain Words in the requested URL Words in the source or destination domain Current day/time Destination port Protocol (FTP, HTTP, SSL) Method (HTTP GET or HTTP POST) Browser type Name (according to the Ident Continue Reading


Web Server Hostname (dstdomain) This will match the domain name of the destination server URL, You can blobk ant domain names via this directive. acl aclname dstdomain hostname.domain.suffix acl aclname dstdomain .domain.suffix Example acl WebTecexpertz dstdomain acl WebTecexpertz  dstdomain # matches exactly acl WebTecexpertz dstdomain # all Continue Reading


Reply MIME Type (rep_mime_type) This will match the regular expression pattern with the Content-Type header that is originated in the server’s HTTP response. You can use the -i option to make the comparison case-insensitive. acl aclname rep_mime_type [-i] regexp Example acl java_download rep_mime_type application/x-java http_reply_access deny java_download Request MIME Type (req_mime_type) This will Continue Reading